Saturday 28 February 2015

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Mr Grant’s project kicked off when a friend showed him a video describing the Overview Effect – the name given to the sensation astronauts have when given the opportunity to spend significant time in space looking down at the Earth …

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"We're at the point now with the technology —and with the costs coming down and the market maturing, driven by mobile devices, the need is there. It's just

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As Musk told Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “The speed of light is 40 percent faster in the vacuum of space than it is for fiber. The long-term potential is to

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Its new “TV Economy” package, at about $39 a month, is a less expensive option designed for people who might want to supplement basic cable with services such

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"I don't think it's a flash in the pan," Berko told us. "I think it fulfills a certain need for people, a need that isn't going to go

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Hawkes said that overall the experience was a great adventure but also humbling. The filming required a larger plane than she owns, so she borrowed one. She also

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The concept of a mission to the South Pole-Aitken Basin is not a new one. The most recent planetary science decadal report, published in 2011, identified a sample

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“We’re not the scientists. We’re not the teachers. We’re not the policy makers. We’re not the people on the ground enforcing the law,” Moore says.”But by putting us

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Please elaborate on your answer: If you answered “no,” explain why you think there will be incremental change, or hardly any change at all. If you answered “yes,”