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Wednesday 02 December 2015

satellite live view of earth

I’ve been catching glimpses of NASA’s satellite video of Sandy from above the Earth. While the images are impressive, there are real-time ways to see the storm as it rolls in on the Atlantic seaboard and in to New York City.

It should be noted that Virginia Beach has also been affected by Sandy, but many of the webcams I tried to access were not streaming. One live view to not miss is a shot from the 1st Street Jetty via Surfline. Unfortunately, you have to refresh every 30 seconds unless you purchase a Premium membership on the site.

Cloudsat tracked Sandy well into Category 1 status earlier this weekend as it reached maximum sustained winds of 128 kph and was situated  558 kilometres southeast of Charleston and headed northward.

The Tampa Bay area has been spared the ravages of another hurricane as the northeast coast prepares to hunker down for a storm that has been labeled as “historical” by Time magazine online and others who realize the scope of this storm is immense.

Areas along the Delmarva Peninsula are expected to receive up to 12 inches of rainfall as Sandy moves ashore. Curiously, Sandy may actually trigger snowstorms as it wedges its way across West Virginia and the Appalachians and its rich tropical moisture collides with a heavy Arctic airmass.

This storm will also have an impact beyond Halloween as well. Presidential elections are on next Tuesday November 6th, and there are concerns that many areas will remain without power well into next week.

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